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THE AUCTION MARKET THEORY ACADEMY'S curriculum includes the design of novel strategies and tactics for trading. Included are psychological exercises, trading exercises, brief therapy goal implementation idea's, trading discussions, various chartbook library's, and videos that offer a structured process of refining cognitive processes. There is also a glossary of terminology.

Creative and novel approaches to learning espoused by Dr. Brett Steenbarger accelerates the structured learning process upon which TAMTA's genesis was founded. Dr. Brett Steenbarger sums this process up well; "Trading the financial markets is among the most challenging of human endeavors. At its best, trading is a celebration of the human mind's capacity to master complexity. Rarely does any single activity so reward individual initiative and the exercise of the reasoning mind. And yet, financial rewards are only part of the allure of trading. In mastering the markets, we are called upon to exercise extraordinary self-mastery. Like any noble undertaking, such as art, science, or athletics, trading is a means of self-development, fostering the ability to act intentionally, in the service of one's training and ideals."

Since "TAMTA" is an ongoing work, the latest additions to the academy will be highlighted in the "WHAT'S NEW IN" link. In 2008, "TAMTA" started producing a featured broadcast entitled "A GREAT DAY TRADING". This daily broadcast highlights the premarket condition of the S&P and captures live streaming trading in the S&P during the trading session, through the application of the tenets of Auction Market Theory. In 2011 "A GREAT DAY TRADING" will offer live running commentary in written from in addition to its current video catalog. In 2013 in addition to the video series, "A Great Day Trading" blogspot. The blogspot link highlights pre market structural analysis. "TAMTA" has also developed two trading tools; one called TAMTA's Trading Analyzer, the other is TAMTA's Volume Analyzer. We will use TAMTA's Trading Analyzer to keep track of our simulated Day Trading.

Engage the many exercises throughout THE AUCTION MARKET THEORY ACADEMY!